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Our Basketball Lock Club program won yet again last night, average client has earned over $30,000 in just the last few weeks, and we've won every week in January and are in a strong position to win again this weekend for our clients. This is our time of year as we are in the midst of conference play and nearing the All Star Break in the NBA. We're projecting our average client to put over $5,000 in their pocket this weekend alone.

Celebrating Thirty Years of Premiere Service

ATS has built a successful sports betting advisory firm on solid foundations that have withstood the test of time.

With the start of the 1992 Football season, ATS entered the world of sports prognostication and brought with it an unique approach and philosophy that revolutionized the industry. The secret to ATS' rapid rise and longevity as the leading sports betting advisory firm is plain to the thousands of clients who have met or exceeded their betting objectives: authoritative information, top tier handicapping talent, and always keeping the client first.

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Authoritative Information backed by Top Tier Talent

ATS invests millions of dollars each year in sourcing the highest quality of information and processing it into actionable bets.

Be it highly granular data feeds, confidential informants throughout the industry, or external partnerships - ATS spares no expense in acquiring the right information to make the best decisions for its clients. And to make sense of it all, ATS has recruited and maintains the largest team of handicappers and other domain experts of any sports betting advisory firm with over 200 employees and consultants behind every pick published.

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