About ATS

ATS provides individualized services that help guide clients towards sustainable, profitable sports betting strategies.

Celebrating Thirty Years of Premiere Service

ATS has built a successful sports betting advisory firm on solid foundations that have withstood the test of time.

Starting in 1992, ATS launched at a time when sports betting services had a well-deserved reputation for being aggressive, with in-your-face sales tactics and at times duplicitous advertising practices. Founded by industry veterans dissatisfied with the status quo, ATS sought to provide an alternative which was client first without compromising handicapping talent or information quality.

This revolutionized the industry, with ATS quickly rising to becoming a leader and among the only firms to still be around from that era thirty years later. By remaining client focused, ATS continued to grow and invest revenue into technology, talent, and information sources that served to only increase the gap between it and the competition.

In 2021, ATS was acquired by Raketech (STO:RAKE), a publicly traded iGaming company, making ATS the only publicly traded sports advisory services firm in the world. Under the same management, ATS now is able to leverage the additional industry connections, resources, and talented team of Raketech towards its clients' continued sports betting success.

Expert Handicappers
Data Points and Information Sources
Data Scientists & Analysts

The Handicapping Team

A combined 200 years of experience, representing the best available talent in the industry.

Our core team of expert handicappers make up a combined 200 years of experience, representing the best available talent in the industry. In addition to these world class handicappers are our extensive and growing stable of contributing handicappers - individuals we have identified as niche experts, for being able to consistently make the right bet in a narrow set of circumstances.

For illustrative purposes, we might identify an individual who over the last five years is a break even bettor across all sports… However, after further analysis of the five years of data, we might find the same individual possesses an accuracy rate of near 80% in college football. Five straight years of clear college football success is not accidental. This is an individual who we would want as a contributing handicapper, whose picks are evaluated alongside the countless other data points by our core team of handicappers to identify the probable outcomes and develop a risk profile of each wager.

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