NFL/NCAAF/MLB Update; 2023 Football projections.


Baltimore, Maryland (October 4th, 2023) - ATS Consultants, a leading sports betting advisory firm, today updated clients and investors on it's 2023 performance.


* ATS LOCK CLUBS are now up 100 Units since mid August
  • Baseball: Won 4 of 6 recent weeks, with recent runs of 11-2 (84.6%) and 13-3 (81.2%) Basketball

  • Won 14 of 17 weeks (Jan-May); $250/unit bettors won ~$35k, with runs of 9-1 (90%), 12-3 (80%), 17-5 (77.2%), as well as 75% stretch run in the NBA Playoffs

  • Hockey: Won 12 of 15 weeks (Jan-Apr); $250/unit bettors won $30k, with runs of 8-0, 11-2 (84.6%), and 13-3 (81.2%) this year

  • Football: Won 15 of 19 weeks 2022-2023; $250/unit players profited $25k+ entering 2023

  • Basketball/Hockey Combo: $250/unit players up $50k this year

ATS Football/MLB Lock Clubs posted 100 units since mid August.

ATS is continuing to exceed projections with it's combo Football/MLB or "All Sport" program for a 400+ unit run between now and the end of December.

Projections for September/October college and pro Football and MLB are have been expanded +250 units.

In addition, ATS has devoted significant resources to preparing for the upcoming football season. Not only have we formed new relationships across the industry, hired new talent during the offseason, and explored additional information sources and tools for increasing returns for clients; we have also reinforced the basics by taking new initiatives on advising our players. We especially want to prepare our members to fully exploit the usual early-season opportunities we have learned to expect over our 30 years in this business.

Programs Manager, M. Collins had this to say, “As expected, our 2023 strategies have continued to be extremely successful and we are well on our way to hitting our prediction of a 400 units for the rest of the All Sports Lock Clubs.

ATS continues our on-going mission to refine methodologies in both procuring and analyzing information to provide as accurate as possible predictions for clients across all programs. This includes developments in professional athlete partnerships, AI/ML developments, proprietary enhancements, and more.

To make a long story short: our goal for the start of the 2023 Football season was to synthesize all of these new assets and produce the best launch we have seen so far, and we have already exceeded our own expectations! ATS is expected to continue its current trajectory towards providing clients with the most profitable year to date.

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