Baltimore, Maryland (May 8th, 2023) - ATS Consultants, a leading sports betting advisory firm, today updated clients and investors on the performance of their "All-Sports Summer Strategy".

From April through the end of June, the "All-Sports Summer Strategy" is how ATS assists clients with navigating the best opportunities over the summer across Basketball, Hockey, and Baseball to maximize their returns.

During the first month, ATS delivered the anticipated strong results during the NBA playoffs with a 20-9 record and 57 net units gained.

Last week, just like the previous period last year, MLB is providing the best results as the NBA playoffs enter the semi-finals and begin to wind down. This produced a combined 42.5 unit net gain for participating clients from the Baseball and Basketball Lock Club.

ATS continues to see strong signals that only serve to solidify their projections that they will exceed last year's 130 unit run in Baseball between May and the All-Star break in July.


ATS continues to refine its methodologies in both procuring and analyzing information to provide accurate as possible predictions on sporting events in an effort to assist clients in making informed decisions about their sports betting. This includes leveraging additional information sources and other resources offered by ATS’s new parent company, Raketech (STO:RAKE).

Since last fall, ATS has experienced the most profitable period in it's 31 years. This is the direct product of significant investments made over the last year after ATS was acquired by its parent company Raketech. (Read more about these investments and upcoming plans for more to be made during 2023.

This, among other proprietary enhancements, has given reason for ATS to expect to continue its current trajectory towards providing clients with the most profitable year to date.

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ATS Consultants is a leading sports betting advisory firm and a wholly owned subsidiary of Raketech Group Holdings plc (STO:RAKE). ATS provides individualized services that help guide clients towards sustainable, profitable sports betting strategies. For more information, visit |

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