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What ATS can do for you.

ATS offers sports betting advice based on clearly superior information coupled with money management tailored to each individual client's unique risk tolerance, budget, and goals.

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About Our Information.

With a budget of over $2,000,000 per year, ATS does not spare any expense in its pursuit of quality information for its team of expert handicappers to leverage into actionable bets.

The Handicappers Behind Every Pick

Our core team of expert handicappers make up a combined 200 years of experience, representing the best available talent in the industry. In addition to these world class handicappers are our extensive and growing stable of contributing handicappers - individuals we have identified as niche experts, for being able to consistently make the right bet in a narrow set of circumstances.

For illustrative purposes, we might identify an individual who over the last five years is a break even bettor across all sports… However, after further analysis of the five years of data, we might find the same individual possesses an accuracy rate of near 80% in college football. Five straight years of clear college football success is not accidental. This is an individual who we would want as a contributing handicapper, whose picks are evaluated alongside the countless other data points by our core team of handicappers to identify the probable outcomes and develop a risk profile of each wager.

The Confidential Sources We Employ

Not satisfied with data sets and tools generally available to the public, ATS has established an extensive slate of partnerships throughout sports and sports betting that help to render an ever growing and increasingly accurate and robust picture of every sporting event that is then leveraged by the handicapping team to produce quality picks.

We withhold the identity and nature of our confidential sources both to protect the integrity and value of our systems for our clients as well as the privacy of our informants. These individuals include former pro and collegiate athletes, oddsmakers, and even sportsbook executives.

The role of Artificial Intelligence

ATS always has sought to stay on the bleeding edge of technology, investing heavily into proprietary and licensed data streams, software tools and systems. At the forefront of these investments is a partnership with the leading John Hopkins AI/ML data scientist and his team, including a former NFL Super Bowl Champion, to build the most accurate computer simulation of football games. Learn more here
*NOTE: This is an add-on service for well qualified bettors only.

Stop playing games with your money.

Are you a recreational bettor or is making money your #1 priority?

About Our Approach to Money Management.

Winning information only goes so far. Our Advisors help clients apply the latest in financial planning, risk mitigation, and statistical analysis to create sustainable profitability over the long term.

No One Wins 100%, plan for long term success.

While no other sports betting advisory firm goes to the same lengths as ATS to assure the quality and accuracy of the information provided to our Clients, sports betting will never be a risk free endeavor. No one wins 100% of the bets they place.

Far from planning for failure, we plan for success in the long term by aiming to ensure the longevity of our client's budget when it comes to sports betting. We help evaluate their risk tolerance, budget, and goals to identify the correct money management strategy to apply alongside our information to ensure sustainable growth over the long term.

Stop playing games with your money.

Are you a recreational bettor or is making money your #1 priority?